Lace leggings: Forever 21
Dress: Style and Company, Macy's
Bag: Guess
Sandals: Bandolino jewel strap, from Belk
Choker: International Gem Show in Dallas.

The choker I"m wearing is something I picked up in my recent shopping trip to the Int'l gem show (which arrives about twice a year here in Dallas). It is made of titanium and can be twisted, stretched into any shape. And then, at the end of  the day when I take it off, one tug and it's back to it's straight shape. I LOVE it!!!!

The first four pics in this post (same position, taken at different levels of zoom) remind me of how insignificant we are in the grand scenario. As we open our minds to look at things from a larger perspective, the original thing we were looking at looks so tiny. Ah...