Romper: Allen B

Shoes: Steve Madden peep-toes

I felt so cool and comfy in this outfit. Onesies aren't just for babies! Perfect for lounging around the house or for a quick Starbucks run. This could have gone both ways - dress up or dress down. I went for a combo of both. The gold heels add some oomph but the rest of the outfit is pretty low key. No accessories here!

In the future, I plan to dress it way up with crazy accessories, makeup and hair. Be sure to check it out when it  comes!

Dress: Studio
Shoes: Reba from Macy's
Bangle: vintage
Hair: in heidi braids
Belt: DIY
Earrings: Gift

I felt like playing dress up today and what better way to do it than to go the LBD route? The dress has a beautiful rosette pattern on the neckline and that inspired me to add my DIY floral belt/necklace. This was the first one I made as far as floral belts go and chose to do it with some cotton fabric I had left from a previous project. Bad idea! The cotton doesn't drape/ fall which kind'a ended up in a stiff looking belt. Satin and silk other than chiffon are the best fabrics for such a diy. Lesson learnt.
Also, since it's officially summer now, I wanted my hair off of my neck. I made two braids on each side and pinned them up on top. I especially like how this shows off my earrings

Dress: Blue & Red printed dress, thrifted.
Bag: Landau
Shoes: Floral detail brown peep toes
Shades: Dolce & Gabbana
Earrings: Red hoop earrings.

This outfit was so easily put together. Wear dress, wear shoes, grab bag DONE! I usually dress in a "girly" style, but that may not be such a good thing. The husband likes me in jeans. Can you believe it?? He actually "prefers" me in jeans! Maybe I need to wear pants more often. What about you? Do you lean towards girly styles? Or are you a jeans and sneakers kind'a gal?

My thoughts behind today's post's title?
It. Is. Hot.
And I don't mean that in a nice way. With temperatures rising, we've had a few (too many if you ask me) consecutive days of almost 100 degrees.  For some reason, I can take cold much better than I can handle heat. Every year, when summer starts, I complain about the heat for a couple of weeks and then shut up for the rest of the season. lol.

Anyhow, today's shoes are the knockoff version of Carrie's shoes from SATC (part one). Although, mine are zebra printed instead of the original "solid" color. I especially LOVE the red soles. Kind'a like Louboutins, no??

Skirt: Bubble hem skirt by "Simply Vera (Wang)"
Top: Plaid top from??
Shoes: SATC knockoffs (couldn't afford the originals, although gifts will be accepted!! LOL)

Dress: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
Leggings: Belk
Shoes: Peep toe sling backs from Payless
Necklace: Emerald bead necklace from Int'l gem show in Dallas
Bag: Landau
Shades: D&G (bought in Italy!!)

The white slingbacks bring out the passive white in the dress. I simply love this outfit. Although, with the temperatures rising, I won't be able to wear leggings for too long. :(
 That means I need to (ok, here it is) start shaving my legs. Ugghh

Dress: One shoulder dress from ASOS. Gift from Sister in law (Thank you!!)
Tights: Kohls
Shoes: Payless
Button down: F21
Shades: Versace
Watch: Rado

I was getting late to go to work and only had time to throw on clothes and get out of the door. That's why you see me wearing a crumpled, need-to-be-ironed clothes. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
Other than that, this outfit makes me think of sunny bright skies (yellow) later in the day turning into a dull day because of gray clouds. Kind'a beautiful I think.
Any how, if you haven't already, check out my Robert Rodriguez necklace DIY from yesterday. Thanks for reading and C'mon be friendly, leave a comment!! lol.

Necklace DIY
Inspired by Robert Rodriguez stripe-ring necklace at Neiman Marcus for $245. Shown below.

Image via Neiman Marcus.

Let me say right at the beginning that when I got this idea for a DIY, I did not have a suitable black fabric in my stash so I chose this drapey navy fabric (I think its jersey) instead. You can choose black (or any color you'd like!) for your necklace.

1. Cut out a rectangle out of your fabric for a length of your choice. The width should be chosen based on your ring size. I suggest getting the rings first and then cutting the fabric. More on that below.

2. Get rings from any home supply/hardware store. I got these 1 inch sized "O rings" from Lowe's for 50 cents each. You can also try Home Depot.

3. I got a total of 30 rings. Then split them into three groups of 20, 5 and 5.

4. Remove stickers from rings. LOL. The width of your fabric should be such that when you bunch up the fabric lengthwise, it should fit snugly in the O ring. For my 1 inch rings the width of my fabric was 25 inches. But this will vary based on the thickness of your fabric. I suggest getting the rings first and then cutting the fabric.

5. Bunch up fabric lengthwise and slide it through a ring.

6. Likewise slide it through the 20 rings that you put aside in step 3. Make sure they are in the center of the fabric based on length.

7. Slide a ring from one end and stop at a 4 inch distance from the end of the center rings.

8. Using your needle and matching thread stitch the first ring in place. Make sure it is secure. This will prevent the ring from sliding towards the center.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 on the other end of your necklace.

10. Slide the remaining rings on both sides. Don't worry about sewing these in place because the first one will prevent them from sliding down.

Optional: If you'd like, you can stitch a ribbon on both ends so that you can tie it in a pretty bow on your neck. I'm lazy and I skipped this. I knotted the fabric directly. Heh he.

11. Your new "Robert Rodriguez" necklace is ready!! Wear and enjoy.
Remember, your necklace costs around $15 plus fabric as opposed to $245!!! That alone puts a smile on my face. :-)

Have fun DIYing. If you choose to make this, Puhleese send me your pic. I'd love to see it. Also, please leave a comment if you like this DIY.

Tunic: Vintage thrifted from Buffalo Exchange for $1. Yay!!
Leggings: Leather look leggings from Forever 21
Shoes: Anne Klein "gold heel" pumps
Watch: "SEKSY" by Sekonda
Bag: Landau, bought in Paris
Necklace: Pearl bib necklace from Charming Charlie
Shades: Versace

Since summer is almost here, I wanted to wear my favorite leather look leggings one last time this year. I like how the top screams "summer" but the bottom of my outfit whispers "not yet."  Heh heh.
Anyhow, been sick almost most of last week and haven't updated the blog. Now that I have my energy back (fingers crossed!) I'm back to posting my daily outfits!! If you like my outfit and/or accessories please leave me a comment!!

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