Dress: H & M 
Top: INC (my favorite brand, usually buy INC items from Macy's. But this proved to be SO MUCH cheaper). 

Dress: Lux
Beaded fabric: Can be worn as scarf, belt, headband...

Reversible coat (no tags), brand unknown. got from Buffalo Exchange for $1.
Red, yellow, orange vintage dress, for $8.

This is the dress that I've been looking for forever! I was shocked to find this in BE. It has no tags, however, when I tried it out it fit me perfectly. Added bonus: the fringe hides any and all minor bulges on the body. SEXY!! I can't wait to wear this.

Close up on fringe dress.

Penthouse architectural heel espadrilles. Very very difficult to walk in because of the six inch heel height. Simply couldn't resist getting them. 
Psst: If you can make out the size of these sandals, please don't judge!! I have big feet. Heh heh. Normally wear a 9 and a half, but with designer brands I go up half a size.

Steve Madden gold sandals. got for $1. 

Jessica Simpson wedges: Five inch height but very comfortable. Got for $14.

Staccato tuxedo blazer. A bit crumpled but nothing I can't fix. Again, $1. What should I wear it with??? Jeans, a skirt, pants, or over a sundress? So many possibilities .