As a first timer, I went to the buffalo exchange in Dallas for the recent $1 sale they had in celebration of Earth Day; all proceeds from Dollar Day Sale benefit The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation's largest animal protection organization. They also were taking donations of used fur items from people to be used as bedding etc. for animals that are sick or injured.

I wasn't ready for the kind'a items that you could get your hands on for $1 (yes, ONE dollar!). They had designer jeans, coats, jackets, vintage clothing for both men and women and SHOES. I got there just in time for the shop to open and joined the throngs of other people waiting on the sidewalk near the store. Finally the door opened and associates brought out boxes full of items and placed them on the sidewalk. And then people just RAN there.
Exactly one minute later, the boxes were empty and the rest of us hadn't even looked at what was available.
After 30 minutes, the associates brought out some more boxes. This time, yours truly was ready and waiting for this to happen. I ran to the nearest box, GRABBED items that I could. Later on, I sorted them out, kept what I wanted and put the remaining items back in the box(es). I saw the other customers doing this as well. Once people put back the items they did not want, those were taken in a moment by those who wanted them. Heh heh, One person's trash is another's treasure, so to speak!
This happened several times at regular intervals of half an hour or so. At the end of the sale, I had gotten hold of several pieces of jewelry, a couple of dresses and tops, few shirts for the hubby, Steve Madden shoes, a clutch and a purse.
Then I paid a GRAND TOTAL of $18 for all the loot!! AMAZING.

After this, we went inside the store where they had neatly hanging gently used clothing in all sizes (though a majority of them are in a size "small" you will be able to find some items that you like in your size). They also had neatly displayed shoes (designer included), purses, scarves, jewelry etc. Here, I scored a pair of Penthouse high heels (espadrilles actually), Jessica Simpson wedges (5 inch), a fringe dress (that I was looking for for a while) among other things. The items are very modestly priced (considering some of them are designer labels).
They also have several Forever 21, H&M type of items that are at most a season late and definitely wearable.

Tips for successful shopping for the $1 sale:

Bring a friend: You will need a friend to hold your stuff when you’re running to grab items from the boxes before the other customers take them all! Then return the favor to your friend. Do this till the end of the sale.

Wear comfortable shoes: There is NO CHANCE that you will be able to find a parking spot anywhere near the store. Be prepared. Wear sensible shoes. You’ll have to walk a few blocks to get to the store.

First grab then sort: DON”T try to decide whether you want an item while it is still sitting in the box on the side walk. It will be taken out of your hands by someone else. First grab whatever items that catch your fancy, then once the boxes are empty, sort out the loot. Keep what you like, based on whether it is your size or not, then return the remaining items into the same box that you took it from. Also, keep an eye on what other customers are returning. You may find something you LOVE that is impatiently waiting in the box for you to come claim it. Remember one person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Get cash: For the $1 sale they do not accept credit or debit cards (although, inside the store they do). Keep cash handy so that you don’t have to run to the nearest gas station (like I did!) to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Stand next to a group of friends: This way you will be able to get your paws on whatever the group chooses to discard.

Have fun shopping: If you go with a group of your own friends, while you’re waiting for half an hour for the store associates to replenish items, split the group in two and while one half waits with the items you all have scored the other half can go get coffee or a quick bite and be back for the next round of shopping. Then alternate with the other half the next round.
What do you think of this place? Do you shop there? If not, would like to go there now???

PS: Pictures of my loot coming soon!!